NO*Ped Alba  Hellig Birmaoppdrett

Sacred Birman

CH NO*Ped Alba Winter Princess - SBI n

Born: 04/12/2013

Nickname: Eloise

Father: NL Of Jekima's Lord Oberon - SBI b

Mother: CH (N)Slettoms My beautiful Reward - SBI n 21

Blood type: Aa

Eloise is from our own breeding, which we chose to keep. She stood out quite quickly to be with great confidence in the litter, and as she grew also quite fearless. Eloise grew up in Kristiansund with my mom. There also lives Alex the brother of CH (N) Slettmos My Beautiful Reward (Kitzy), Lurven (brother of Sotus) and Timbo (19 years old Birman). She now lives with us 💖

Eloise has wonderful markings, a much fur, and great eye color by both mother and father. She has participated in show, which she did very well! On her debut day she was NOM. She been given excellent critics, so this will be interesting in the future. At Sunnmørskatten's show 2016 she became Champion and received great critic 💖

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CH Cinamon Boy av Ontario - SBI b

Born:  03/02/2015

Nickname: Koda

Mother:  GIC NO*Citrus Sweet Fairytale - SBI n 21

Father: IC S*Ziblora's Ozzie-Zaian - SBI b

Blood type: Aa

Neutered - March 7, 2019

Our lovely stud Koda we brought home on 8 May 2015 together with cattery

NO*Condotti's Birman breed. Koda lives with NO*Condotti's.

Koda is a big boy who has a fantastic good temper. Koda loves cuddles more than anything and he can be in our arms for hours. He cuddles and would like to lie on the lap of everyone he meets. Those who have met Koda, comment that he is a very cozy and kind boy💙 Amora and Koda enjoying themselves in each other's company😻

Koda has great body weight and compact coat. The head has very nice shape and the ears well placed. The color of the eyes and fur are beautiful.

Many thanks to to Turid Botten from Av Ontario cattery for our beloved boy and her hospitality😄

Koda became Champion at Sunnmørskatten's show 2016 and got excellent critic 💙

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CH (N)Slettmos My Beautiful Reward

- SBI n 21

Born:  13/11/2008

Nickname: Kitzy

Father: PR/CH Shapur Fernando - SBI n 21

Mother: CH Mikkelmay's Brun Angelica SBI n

Blood type: Aa

Neuter - 02/11/2016

Kitzy is our first Birman girl. We fell for her wonderful temperament, which were already present since she was a few weeks old. Kitzy comes from a litter of 3 kittens. She is a good and happy girl that gives us lots of pleasure. She loves cuddles this wonderful girl.

The lines of her is very exciting that is both Australian, Swedish, Danish, French and Spanish. Kitzy has little low socks, but they are symmetrical. Great body and a lovely eye color, as she has from her mother.

On the shows she got great criticism and became Champion in 2010. She has got beautiful children after her. Winter Princess (Eloise) we chose to keep after her. Kitzy is now sterilized  and will be enjoying the good neuterlife 💖

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