Current situation litter 2016

NO*Ped Alba  Hellig Birmaoppdrett

Current situation

litter 2016

Born: April 30, 2016

Mother: CH (N) Slettmos My Beautful Reward (Kitzy) - SBI n 21

Father: CH Cinamon Boy of Ontario - SBI b

Inbreeding on 5 genrasjoner: 0.00%

NO*Ped Alba Stream

SBI b (Boy)

Sold - Show / Breeding

Anita Karin Urkedal, Sykkylven

NO*Ped Alba Alvastar

SBI b (Girl)

Sold - Kos

Grethe Ulstein, Ulsteinvik

On the night of April 30 received Kitzy (CH (N) Slettmos My Beautful Reward) and Koda (Cinamon Boy of Ontario) two cute little Birman children. May 1, weighed girl 109 grams and boy 111gram, so there are large fine and vital kittens.

As usual they were in a clothes basket, to be easy to carry, because cat mother Kitzy will be where I am. If I do not carry with me the whole cat family, Kitzy comes with the children her herself.

Both kittens are chocolate point (SBI b) like their dad. They have been named NO*Ped Alba Stream (boy) and NO*Ped Alba Alvastar (girl).

When the kittens were 10 weeks, had Stream weight of 1270g and 1295g Alvastar. They are social and playful. Love cuddles and attention.

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