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Hellig Birmaoppdrett

About us / Contact

In November 2009, I was approved our cattery name NO*Ped Alba. Thats Latin, and means "White paws". I think it suited well with breeding Hellig Birma that I have fallen for and my profession as a veterinarian. The birman cat is an unique and wonderful cat that I am so lucky to be a part of breeding. With focus on health,socializing and standard. Everyone is considered a family member and goes free in the house.

The family consists otherwise of my husband an our three daughters. Kittens from us will be well socialized with other cats, children and people and will be with lot of care right from the beginning. The kittens are growing up freely around us.

In February 2009, we got our first Sacred Birman girl, Kitzy as we call her here at home. After her we have Eloise and now we have kept two females, Fia and Mia, as third generation. We also have the domestic cat Sotus and our stud Zeus that we own together with NO*Condotti's.

Read more about our cats in the menu above.

We mostly use Royal Canin, but give other foods that I have at the clinic. We have max one litter per female cat per year. This is to give the cat mother at least one year break between each litter.

We have a joint facebook group with Ingeborg Nilsen Lysatd (NO*Condotti's). Here we share information, pictures and video clips of our cats.

We do not sell our kittens over mail, but it can be a nice first contact.

If you are interested to buy a kitten from us, you are welcome to contact us :-)

Melsbygda, Ørsta


Tlf: 970 96 639


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