Former paw friends

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Former paw friends


CH Cinamon Boy av Ontario

Born:  2015/02/03

Nickname: Koda

Color: SBI b - Chocolatepoint

Dad: IC S*Ziblora's Ozzie - Zaian - SBI b

Mom: GIC NO*Citrus Sweet Fairytale -     

SBI n 21

Neutered - 07/03/2019

Blood type: N/b (Blood type is A, carrier of b)

He is genetically tested / DNA - testet

Lovely Koda we brought home on May 8, 2015, in together with breed NO*Condotti's Sacred Birman breed. Koda lived at NO*Condotti's his first years.

Koda is a great boy who has a fantastic wonderful temperament. He loves eating more than anything and he can stay in our arms for hours. He wants to have kos and lie in the lap of everyone who meets him. Those who have met Koda comment that he is a kind boy. But are happy to play.


Koda got several lovely children after him and 5 of them go further in breeding with us and NO*Condotti's. He himself is now neutered and has moved home to my mother and Werner in Kristiansund. There he enjoys the days with a lot of attention and gets the opportunity to get outdoors. He is very adaptable and enjoys playing with his son Felix, Alex (Kitzy's brother) and Lurven (Sotus's brother). We are often up visiting see Koda again.

Koda has received fantastic feedback

for his powerful and muscular body, head and neck. Great head, profile, top and width. Lovely eyes, shape and color. Great set on the ears and size. Nice symmetry. Great pointed color. The tail has nice length and shape. Super fine temprament. Strong, powerful and lovely type !

We would like to thank both Koda and not least Turid Botten who gave us the opportunity for such a great breeding male and all the help we have received with all litter after him. We are eternally grateful and continue to hope for good contact.

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In memory of...

Of Jekima's Lord Oberon

2016/04/01 - 2016/08/06

Nickname: Obi

Color: SBI b  - Chocolatepoint

Dad: IC Sharee van Ranthambhore - SBI n

Mom: Jerry von Irma la Poes (Jazzy)


His lines genetically tested / DNA - testet

Our dear Lord Oberon (Obi). He was the daddy of NO*Ped Alba Winter Princess (Eloise). He was a big boy, loved attention & cuddle. Kind with everyone - us humans, the cats and our dog Snorre. He was a terrific father of his children, playing with them and taking care of them. Obi had a very special temperament that his children have inherited.

We had long wanted a chocolate point boy. In June 2011 we traveled to Netherlands and picked him up. Obi had a weight of 1650 g at 12 weeks. The home trip to Norway went great, Obi didn't make a sound. He was so kind, just slept and purr. When we got home he found his place right away and was well received by the others..

Obi had great texture and lovely mask. He became a great boy with fantastic coat. The eye color was deep blue, which went on to his children. He was neutered in May 2016 and was to enjoy his days .

In August 2016 our dear Lord Oberon went away. It has been very difficult to write about Obi. The loss of him is still so hard when he has put big traces in our hearts. We remember him through his daughter Winter Princess.

Many thanks to Jean and Marlie of the breed Of Jekima's, for our treasure Obi and the confidence you have given us.

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NO*Ped Alba Thea

2018/01/30 - 2018/12/18

Color: SBI n  - Sealpoint

Dad: CH Cinamon Boy av Ontario (Koda) - SBI b

Mom: CH NO*Ped Alba Winter Princess (Eloise) - SBI n

Her lines genetically tested / DNA - testet

Our heart-child NO*Ped Alba Thea with her unique being. Her story is something more special than the others. When she was born she was very small and needed extra help. I hand-fed her. Thea had a very special meow sound that we never will forget.. It was more like a creaking than a meow. Absolutely lovely girl.

Thea developed into a big girl, who charmed everyone who met her. She was at Sunnmørskatten's Show on September 22, 2018. There she got good rating and EX1, the judges think she was super sweet.

One a december day in 2018 we were to find this year's Christmas tree. Then our dear Thea disappeared without a trace. We looked for her everywhere, for weeks. And now we realize she's not coming back.

Thea was my youngest daughter Alva's best friend. She got to sleep in her bed. This is something the whole family takes very hard and she will be deeply missed

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2007 - 2019

Color: Tortie


Dear Cindy was our oldest cat in our home and a pure princess. She liked to have company around her. Kos was the best. She was strong in body and compact in coat.

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2006/05/30 - 2019/06/24

Rase: Neva scotia duck tolling retriver "toller"

Snorre is of the retriever group "toller". He is a very happy boy with a lot of energy. Snorre gives us great joy, especially to my youngest daughter. he is always with her when she goes to bed.  Sneaks step by step down the stairs after Alva has fallen asleep. Snorre is always in a good mood and would gladly lie in your lap. The best is food and play with ball. He has great respect for the cats and sometimes he thinks he is one himself.

More info is coming..

"Goodbye may seem forever. Farewell is like the end, but in my heart is the memories and there you will always be" - W.D

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