Jewelry litter 2020

Hellig Birmaoppdrett

Jewelry Litter 2020


Born: June 17, 2020

Dad: Zeus vom Perlenmeer*D - SBI c

Mom: NO*Ped Alba Mia - SBI n

The lines is DNA test for over 40 different hereditary diseases. Read more about the test during the DNA-test in the manu.

Inbreeding of 7 generations is 0.03%

Color outcome: Sealpoint - SBI n and Chocolatepoint - SBI b

NO*Ped Alba Perle (Girl1)


SBI b - Chocolatepoint

Carrier of dilution

Avl / Show

NO*Ped Alba - In co home at

Lene Kaspersen Lødemel w/family

NO*Ped Alba Safir (Girl 2)


SBI n - Sealpoint

Carrier of dilution

Sold - Kos

Jens Petter Igelsrud

NO*Ped Alba Topas (Boy 1)


SBI b - Chocolatepoint

Carrier of dilution

Sold - Kos / Show

Stian Tvergrov,


NO*Ped Alba Prince Lazuli (Boy 2)


SBI b - Chocolatepoint

Carrier of dilution

Sold - Kos

Ingo og Trude Kejzar,


NO*Ped Alba Turkis (Boy 3)


SBI b - Chocolatepoint

Carrier of dilution

Solgt - Kos

Oda Bøe Sørensen,


NO*Ped Alba Lord Lapis (Boy 4)


SBI n - Sealpoint

Carrier of dilution

Sold - Kos / Show

Ingo og Trude Kejzar,


September 6, 2020:

On Friday, the kittens received ID marking, a health certificate and the boys were neutered. They joined the clinic where they enjoyed a lot of attention from my assistants while I finished work <3

Yesterday I posted photos and video on our facebook group, of my living room which has been turned into a kitten kindergarten :-)

The time is near for the kittens to leave for their new home. I will miss them all very much <3

August 28, 2020:

A little delayed update here on the website as the webmaster has had some vacation after her litter has moved. I have updates myself on facebook. Feel free to become a member there and you will receive an update immediately. On Wednesday I had a visit from Ingeborg who both went over the kittens with me and took pictures of them.

The kittens were 10 weeks old on Wednesday. They are active and social. Cozy everyone. We have had visits from several of the future owners, both once and twice :-)

Turkis is heavy and powerful in body. With beautiful dark blue eyes. Nice ear placement for age. Semi long dense fur. The color comes nicely. Curious and forward, who is always first in the plate <3

Safir is big for a girl. Deep point color. Great width in the head and fantastic ear placement. Fine wedges. Silky soft fur. Confident, outgoing and tough girl. Who comes to lie in our lap and purrs <3

Lazuli has a very heavy body. Largest in the litter of all. The eyes from his mom. Silky soft long fur. Symmetrical socks. Confident, playful and food wreck like his dad. Mom boy he is <3

Topas is the youngest. A little modest, patient and waiting. Sweet
expression for male cat. Perfect wedges. Nice socks. Soft lovely long coat. Fluffy. Cuddle No. 1 in the litter <3

Lapis is like his father in body. Nice profile, like Lord Oberon. Good ear placemant. Silky soft fur. Nice eyes. Symmetrical beautiful wedges. Symmetrical socks. Playful, affectionate and cuddly.

Perle has a charming profile. Silky soft and dense fur, fluffy. Nice space on ears. Nice chocolate color. Fine wedges. Symmetrical socks. Cuddly, playful,
extrovert and fond of food.

See new photos in album and video on our facebook group :-)

August 10, 2020:

Some new pictures of the kittens in their album who is soon 8 weeks now <3

August 6, 2020:

The kittens grow fast and are over 7 weeks old. They are very social and cuddly. We have had a visit from Ingeborg who took pictures of them. We went through and looked at each one. The jewelry litter is very like in bone structure, heavy and muscular. Good with fur. But in several lengths and compactness. Nice profiles and great head shapes. Someone with beauty fault and someone who is great and keeps standard <3

As usual, time passes quickly when you are having a good time, so there were pictures in full speed at the end of the evening. Forgot to take "group photos", but portrait is now in the album. Watch video on facebook :-)

July 18, 2020:

The kittens is now 4 weeks old. A wonderful age, they start playing with each other, are quite unstable, and suddenly they tumble over. Sharpe teeth are also in place, and they have already eaten solid food for a week. The two largest are almost half a kilo, the others weigh around 350 -400 grams, so they have a nice weight. They are named after gemstones: The girls are named Perle and Safir, and the boys are named Topas, Turkis, Prince Lazuli and Lord Lapis. All are reserved <3

See new photos of them in the album :-)

July 9, 2020:

Yesterday we had a visit from Ingeborg who we own daddy together with. She took new pictures of the kittens. The kittens are just over 3 weeks old and have started walking. The cat family has now come down to the living room with us and the little ones are taking their first steps upright. When we sat looking at them something surprising happened, one of the kittens went to the mother's food bowl and smelled. I let her taste and she licked it right away. None of us have experienced this with our Birman litters before at such an early age. In some cases you can give earlier, for example if the kitten (s) have lost their mother. The unusual thing here was that the kitten herself went to the bowl :)

The litter has been named and it is inspired by the breeding name of our dear Zeus. The theme for the litter is

The names of the kittens are: Topas (Boy1) - SBI b, Lazuli (Boy2) - SBI n, Turkis (Boy3) - SBI b, Lapis (Boy4) - SBI b, Pearl (Girl1) - SBI b and Safir (Girl2) - SBI n <3

It went a bit awry for us with the numbers on them, so we sat toghether last night and make some changes. But now it's right :-)

Topas is available and seems to have nice markings. Everyone is very social and develops well. There are 4 chocolatepoint and 2 brownpoint in the litter <3

July 7, 2020:

We have a chocolatepoint boy available, please contact if you are interested <3

We are also planning more litters, you are welcome to contact us if you want to be on oure waiting list :-)

The lines are DNA tested for all litter combinations.

July 5, 2020:

New photos of the kittens in their albums. They are social and love attention. Soon they would have to move out of the closet in the bathroom <3

Watch video clip of their daddy who is babysitting for his first litter on our facebook group. Feel free to join the group and you will be notified when new photos and videos are posted :-)

July 1, 2020:

Today, the kittens of NO*Ped Alba Mia and Zeus vom Perlenmeer are 2 weeks old. All 6 have opened their eyes and crawled around. They are gaining weight and is strong. Looks like here are two chocolate point and four sealpoint :-) The weights are: 144 g, 157 g, 180 g, 212 g, 220 g and 247 g.

There are still two kittens
available in this litter, please contact by interest :-)

June 25, 2020:

NO*Ped Alba Mia and Zeus vom Perlenmeer's six cute little ones are just over a week today. They sleep so sweetly and eat well, and soon their eyes open. Mom Mia takes good care of them and luckily has a lot of milk. As usual, they have a closet in the bathroom, Mia was born in this closet and the kittens aunt Fia (who is Mia's litters sister) <3

June 17, 2020:

Today, six kittens were born. All good sizes (about 90 grams) and healthy. Mother NO*Ped Alba Mia had a hard time with the first one, only tail and one leg and belly up in the birth canal, so I had to help, but the last five arrived easily. Dad is our lilac German stud, Zeus vom Perlenmeer <3 Both parents are DNA testet, so the kittens will be seal or chocolate :-)

There are 4 boys and 2 girls in the litter. The weights are: Girl 1 - 99 g, Girl 2 - 83 g, Boy 1 - 85 g, Boy 2 - 72g, Boy 3 - 89 g and Boy 4 - 87 g <3

View pictures and pedigree by pressing the buttons above. More information will come ..

We now have three on the waiting list. If you are interested in kitten from us, you are most welcome to contact us :-)

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