Sapphire Litter 2021

Hellig Birmaoppdrett

Safir (Sapphire) Litter 2021


Born: April 22, 2020

Dad: Zeus vom Perlenmeer*D - SBI c

Mom: NO*Ped Alba Fia - SBI b

The lines is DNA test for over 40 different hereditary diseases. Read more about the test during the DNA-test in the manu.

Inbreeding of 7 generations is 0.03%

Color outcome: Sealpoint - SBI n and Chocolatepoint - SBI b

NO*Ped Alba Velvet Blue

Girl 1

SBI b - Chocolatepoint

Carrier of dilution

Weight  14 weeks: 1444 g


Indigo Blue


SBI b - Chocolatepoint

Carrier of dilution

Weight  14 weeks:  1645 g


NO*Ped Alba Cornflower Blue

Girl 2


SBI b - Chocolatepoint

Carrier of dilution

Weight  14 weeks: 1502 g


NO*Ped Alba

August 2, 2021:

Ingeborg has taken the latest photos of the litter. Two of the kittens have left and Cornflower Blue will stay in the breed. Read Ingeborg's review:

Saturday I got to greet, review and got some shots of NO*Ped Alba's Sapphire litter one last time, before the kittens move<3

As I have written before, it is just as nice for me to follow the litters of NO*Ped Alba as my own, in relation to seeing development in our cats and how we should focus our breeding in the future.
And when we talk about development, it is indescribably good to see that we have developed both the breedings and the temper in our birmans. We will mostly praise the breeders of our male cats (past and present) for this, Turid and Margarete. Both grandfather Koda and father Zeus show well in both body and temperament on the offspring. They are all strong, compact and powerful in body. Curious and cuddly. The way we want them to be. The gorgeous fluffy coat and high contrast on several of Siw's cats comes from Lord Oberon (Obi) who is from Jean in Netherlands. Obi was Siw's first breeding male.

This litter impressed me with how well they listen, obay, fallow and accept. And have developed in general since the last time I saw them. The kittens have passed 14 weeks. And it's noticeable that they are more than independent and ready to move to their new owners. Again, Siw have done a wonderful job! <3

And yes, by interest, one can agility train birman (and cats in general). My first three cats Amora, diCondotti and Tito were agility trained. They learned to sit by command, gave paws and got up on two legs. In addition to other things I taught them. So this is entirely possible<3 For me, this fell out a bit due to the breeding. Cause it must be maintained.

My review on each kitten...

NO*Ped Alba Velvet Blue (Girl1) - SBI b:
Round head. Very sweet and cute profile. Nice shaded prints on the ears. Low gloves. Beautiful spurs. Symmetrical backsocks. Heavy body and shape after daddy. Mom's kind, cute and friendly expression. Light chocolate mask. Calm and very sweet type. 1444g.

NO*Ped Alba Indigo Blue (Boy) - SBI b:
Symmetrical fine spurs. Nice back socks. Slightly low gloves, but white on all toes. Heavy and strong in body. Wide and strong forehead. Round cheekbones. Nice dip. Great color. Long hair in fur, compact coat. Cuddly and playful young boy. Typical temperament for male cats at this age. Very confident. 1645 g.

NO*Ped Alba Cornflower Blue (Girl2) - SBI b:
Oh,I love this contrast. Just amazing. Darker chocolate. Symmetrical beautiful back socks. Nice and symmetrical gloves. Nice spurs. Rounded and strong head, like her Grandpa Koda. Great cheekbones. Excellent dip so fare. Nice eye color, that comes more and more. Big, dolce and tough girl. Playful and curious. 1502g
Keeper, future breeding queen for NO*Ped Alba<3
I wrap this up with wishing the new owners lots of luck with their new family member, we wish you all the best <3

It has been a wonderful time follow these kittens. And we look forward to seeing them all grow up<3
NO*Ped Alba and NO*Condotti's will have more litters planned for autumn / winter 2021 and in 2022, follow us<3

See the photos in album and video's on fb.

June 25, 2021:

"Everything you are, Is everything I need" !

These beautiful paw friends are something special about. The time in the life of a cat they develops the most, is with their breeder. And it's just as exciting to follow each and every one of them. There are many similarities, normally like the dynamic development. But their own personality is completely unique every time. It's a wonderful time for us breeders and we learn something new every time we have litters. In addition, we look at developments in relation to standard markings. This makes it extra exciting every time :-)

It's not about if it's a lovely cat, because they are, but it's about if the markings is for show and possibly breeding. The reason why this is important to continue in breeding is because the Sacred Birman cat will preserve their appearance as we know it today. There are rules that tell us what they should look like and we all try to keep it standard. We look at each individual, is the cat suitable in breeding in terms of temperament, color, type, ears, blood type.. There is much we look at, and this is just a section of it<3

Webmaster has had some computer problems, so the pictures came a little late here. But you will find new pictures of the litter in the album. They were 8 weeks in the pictures. Beautiful litter. Cuddly and playful. Beautiful masks and fur. Eat well <3

Day weights is: Boy - 937g, Girl1 774g and Girl2 912.

Photos and video are often first posted on our facebook group, so follow us there again :-)

June 10, 2021:

Ingeborg has been visiting to take pictures again. Read her review of the litter:

" "Have you ever seen such beautiful eyes?" <3

Yes, the beautiful eyes of the Sacred Birman Cats are captivating and breathtaking. And we Birman owners can sign for that these cats know they are amazing. But still, there is much more than their beautiful appearance. Birman cats are known as especially loving and affectionate breeds, having been bred as companion cats for many generations. They are docile and quietly spoken. Birman cats are sociable, smart and friendly cats, curious and people-oriented, but not too noisy. So both Siw and I are very lucky to breed this lovely cats, together with many other breeders worldwide. Seeing the bond they creates between them and their owner(s) is amazing. And it gives us what we need to continue as breeders. Because even though it is a wonderful hobby, it is a lot of work. But well worth it ! <3

We took pictures of NO*Ped Alba's kittens on Sunday. Today they are 7 weeks. They eat well, play and continue to develop their skills. The days are filled with practice of hunting skills, jumping and exploring. Mom and "aunt" Pixie take the days more easly, but stay close.

NO*Ped Alba Velvet Blue (Girl 1) - SBI b is a sweet and charming girl. She's a little more careful than the two others. But with a little observation time, she will play along too. And she plays well with her siblings. I belive she will get a very sweet expression when she is an adult cat <3  Weight: 572 g

NO*Ped Alba Indigo Blue (Boy) - SBI b is clearly my favorite due to his temperament. It's no secret I like those boys:) He is the biggest and the strongest in body. He is also as strong-minded as his dad and grandpa Koda. But also very cuddly <3  Weight: 754 g

NO*Ped Alba Cornflower Blue (girl 2) - SBI b is a big and strong girl. Best in type, according to standard in this litter (?). She is very docile, she is involved in everything, fearless and tough. Actually, perfect for breeding <3  Weight: 658g

They are a bit low on forepaws. But there is white on all toes. The spurs are in place too. Beautiful and evenly litter. And I'm so glad for Siw to have bred such a great and lovely litter<3 ~ Ingeborg "

See the new photos in their album.

May 26, 2021:

There are several legends about the sacred cat of Burma. And in one of the most famous stories, the temple cat Sinh gets the sapphire blue eyes from the goddess Tsun-Kyan-Kse (Teravada Buddhism).

Today we know that they come with the point color but exactly when the birman got its origin is unknown. What we know is that during World War II, the breed was about to extinct. Only two cats were left. Then it was mixed in colorpont Persians and Siamese who today are fundamental to the Burmese cat we have today.

If we look away from the point color, it is probably the sapphire blue eyes that catch our eye. Maybe it was Birma-eyes who inspired Karl O. Lagerfeld himslef (former creative director for Chanel) who got Birman Choupette as a gift.

Some time ago, Ingeborg took a closer look at the sapphire gemstones. Like biman's eye color, the gemstones also come in several shades. The shades have different names after the color chart (and codes in the color wheel). In short, I had to have Sapphire as the theme for the litter and the names are:

Boy - Indigo Blue - 484 g

Girl1 - Velvet Blue - 381 g

Girl2 - Cornflower Blue -456 g

The kittens are over 4 weeks old in the pictures. They are curious and have started playing with each other. The sense of smell is well developed, and then they have to smell everything. They eat wet food, but milk is still the best. The big world outside was both exciting and a little scary. But both mamacat and "aunt" Pixie stay close <3

New photos in album.

May 16. 2021:

On Saturday we took new pictures of the kittens, who have moved down to the living room to us. Both momcat and "aunt" Pixie take care of them. The boy is large, weigh 417 g. Very similar to his father. Girl1 is a little sweet girl who has a calm and nice expression. Weight of 324g. Girl2 is teddy and calm in temperament. She weighs 356 g. All three have a great width between the ears. Round fine heads and strong bone stem. More about the markings will come. They have tasted solid food and it was very good! :-)

On the occasion of Norway's national day, which is May 17, we chose the Norwegian flag as the photo background. We wish you a nice celebration :-D

See new photos in album and video's on facebook.

May 9, 2021:

New pictures of the kittens have now been added to their album. This great litter is very like and I am very happy with the combination. Daddy Zeus has given us width in the head and more weight in the bodies. Girl 1 and the boy are very similar to their dad. Girl 2 is very similar to Fia. And we look forward to following them further. Ingeborg (NO*Condotti's) shared video clips on facebook where she has written abut the beautiful little ones <3

Wednesday's weights were: Girl 1 - 257g, Boy - 285 g and Girl 2 - 209 g

April 23, 2021:

Night to Thursday, Fia's kittens were born. Two girls and one boy. Fine weights of 79,100 and 113 grams. It was a little more dramatic than planned, as it ended with a caesarean section. Fia had good, strong contractions, and I thought this was going to be over quickly. After about 45 minutes, they began to fade, even though it was fully open. That can often be cost by a wrong position or two that is at birth at the same time, so I hurried down to the clinic to take an X-ray. And there I saw that it was a seat. Kittens are often born backwards, but then the tail and legs lie extended backwards in the birth canal, but this one was simply lying with its butt first and its legs and tail under it. And completely impossible for a first-time mother to get out in a normal way. Then,, the food mother had to grab the knife and perform a caesarean section. I have to admit that my hand was shaking a little and my heart was in my throat when I had to operate on my own little treasure. But everything went absolutely well, the kittens were viable and strong when they came out, and Fia is in great shape. She washes and cares for them, and is so fit, you would not think that she has had a new operation with an 8 cm incision on her stomach. Animals are amazing like that <3

The lines are DNA tested, read more about this on a separate page in the menu.

They have got their own photo album which is linked in the "photos" button above here. Pictures will be added during the time they grow up. I often post first on our facebook group, feel free to follow us there :-)

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