Littter 2015

Hellig Birmaoppdrett

Litter  2015


Born: May 25, 2015

Dad: NL Of Jekima's Lord Oberon - SBI b

Mom: CH (N)Slettmos My Beautiful Reward - SBI n 21

The lines are DNA test for over 40 different hereditary diseases. Read more about the test during the DNA-test in the manu.

Inbreeding of 6 generations is 0.09%

NO*Ped Alba Solitare


SBI b - Chocolatepoint

Kos / Show


Ingo og Trude Kejzar,


25th May 2015 came a lovely birman boy to the world, he had a weight of 82 grams.

We have given him the name, Solitare, means alone. Kitzy born in my arms :-)

There were two birmabarn puppy, but one was unfortunately stillborn.

Kitzy was again a amazing mom who took good care of her Solitare or Solan which we call him :-)

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